Monday, 9 June 2014

The Lemmings decided not to jump after all

    For a week or so I've been polishing my missile launchers in anticipation of the arrival of CFC arch-nemesis, Darwin's Lemmings, in nullsec, just 31 jumps from where we live.
    Hello Everyone,
    Darwins Lemmings is closing its doors !
    Our Plan to deploy to 0.0 will be canceled we simply dont got the members we need to be sucessfull in 0.0.
    We kicked the asses of some of the biggest alliances in EVE for a half YEAR !
    We washed away their Pocos in High Sec (The M8s who fly with us since we founded know what fun it was to outplay several goon FCs!) But the most important thing we did we where sending a message "RESISTANCE IS POSSIBLE" ! The most of the CFC laughed about us when we start called us
    "Pubbie Shit Lords" and unrelevant ! I didnt hear the Pubbie Shit Lord thing for months now :). Iam proud of everyone of you who became a PVP Guy during the last Months. It was a lot of work with some alarm clocking for me (during the poco wars) but i would do it again ! So i hope everyone of you had fun and learned something about PVP.
    You will find me always at the side of the underestimated !
    fly smart !
    doc know
    My Corp " The Red Barons" will do a 1 week break for recovering and then we will join a merc Alliance to keep up the pressure at the CFC in high sec !
    The Red Barons currently accepts applications. If you want to fly with us in the future then send in a application. If you dont meet the requirements but you are willing to focus on Logistics (Guardian) or Recon (Falcon) then send me your application (with a full api + eveboard (with password) maybe we can do something.


  1. The choice to join TMA instead of MoA was clearly unsupported by the members. I didn't support the TMA membership either.

    Moral of the story: you can't just tell your members "pack and do something very different". Unfortunately, Lemmings didn't bring the numbers needed to pay for them continue to do the highsec wars.

    1. Fair enough. I think (and was planning for) your guys and TMA to have a difficult time out in Oasa.

  2. So no more sugar daddy = no more lemmings.