Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Perspectives on Eve

(4:12:06 PM) callduron: i enjoy the phrasing on both sides
(4:12:15 PM) callduron: for example this on TMC
(4:12:17 PM) callduron: Less than five months into their holy crusade, Darwins Lemmings <.GRR.>, the centerpiece alliance for Gevlon Goblin’s “GRR Goons Project”, has called it quits.
(4:12:28 PM) callduron: will be this on Greedy Goblin
(4:12:56 PM) callduron: after 5 glorious months .... has declared victory and op success and is taking the fight to the next level


  1. Keep dreaming, minion of evil!

  2. Gevlon's respones sounds more like "I really didn't want that alliance anyhow". ;)

    1. My evil scheme is to have good fights with him and make friends with him because of them, thereby invalidating his entire worldview :)

  3. Hello, I was wondering if you get my post about your 7 day free reactivation thread?

  4. Sadly CCP have closed the offer for the time being

    "The two-month pilot phase of the Recall Program is now over and it’s time to start looking into how it fared. Based on the great feedback we’ve received thus far we’d like to bring it back again later in the year, possibly even making it a permanent fixture in the EVE Universe – but for right now it is on hold while we evaluate. Look forward to more information on the Recall Program in the coming weeks. "

  5. Of course both are right.

    Gevlon only has to pay Marmite now who are more effective and will take over some old darwin players/corps. Disadvantage is that Marmite kills a lot more as just goons/cfc. He will get better performance for his isk now so will spin this in a positive way.

    Goons are right to claim victory as well because Darwin's Lemmings has evolved and is no longer focused on grrr gooons. So they will spin this in a positive way as well.