Monday 6 July 2020

ESO: refining daily tasks

In any game one should only do stuff that's fun. That said, I rather enjoy daily tasks in Elder Scrolls, particularly the crafting writs.

Routine 1 (every 20 hours)

1. Collect daily log in rewards 1/account. (2 accounts).
2. Add a point of riding skill (currently 9 + 3 characters).

It might seem a bit mad to alarm clock at 4am to update riding skill but in these lockdown times I'm quite often awake in the night anyway.

Routine 2 (daily, after 7 am daily writ reset).

1. Open mail (1/account).
2. Add CP (Thursday and Sunday)
3. Research traits (maxing out my main, getting Divines, Infused and Impenetrable on alts).
4. Daily writs.
5. Sell to merchant. (Thursday and Sunday)
6. Bank stuff (Thursday and Sunday)
7. Sell on guild traders (1/account). (Thursday and Sunday)
8. Deconstruct surplus items and runes. (Highest non-maxxed crafter). (Thursday and Sunday)