Thursday 4 April 2019

WoW: Expanding my pet collection - the double dippers.

There are several ways in which a battle pet can have an advantage against another battle pet. Some of these are quite nuanced and complicated but two are absolutely straightforward. I think of a pet has both these automatic advanrages as a double dipper.

Fansite does a very good job of clearly displaying these counter pets.

This pet is very good against Dragons (Barnaby)

I don't quite like their term as there can be strong counter pets that don't double dip but I can see how using the double dippers as clear, simple to collate, examples of some counters works well for the site.

I've decided to make the most of the weekly bonus event being for battle pets by collecting these very useful pets.

So first, let's compile a list of several pets in each category that I can focus on collecting and leveling this week:


Scabby                                          Drop: Yogursa (Arathi Highlands)

Dart                                              Quest: It Seems You've Made a Friend (Nazmir)

Bile Larva                                    Pet Battle: Krokuun

Antoran Bile Larva                      Pet Battle: Antoran Wastes

Fossorial Bile Larva                    Profession: Skinning


Barnaby                                     Drop: Island Expeditions

 Fragment of Desire                  Raid drop, Black Temple

Scourged whelpling                  Pet Battle: Icecrown

Spectral Raven                          Pet Battle: Nazmir

Detective Ray                            Drop: Conflagros (Darkshore)

Against FLIERS:

Lil'Tarecgosa                                      Guild vendor

Sprite Darter Hatchling                     World drop, Feralas

Nether Faerie Dragon                         Pet Battle, Feralas

Nexus Whelpling                               Pet battle, Coldarra

Against UNDEAD:

Crimson Frog                                   Vendor, Nigel Rifthold, Drustvar

Benax                                              World drop, Anax, Suramar

Mud Jumper                                    Pet battle: Nagrand, Spires of Arak, Talador

Against CRITTER:

Stunted Yeti                                   Pet Battle: Feralas

Lil' Bad Wolf                                 Raid Drop: The Big Bad Wolf (Karazhan)

Globe Yeti                                    World Event: Feast of Winter Veil

Kun-Lai Runt                               Pet Battle: Kun-Lai Summit

Hogs                                            Achievement: That's Whack!

Against MAGIC:

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling           Engineering


Scooter the Snail                            World Event: Children's Week (May)

Shimmershell Snail                        Pet Battle: Darkshore

Rusty Snail                                     Pet Battle: Ashenvale

Gutted Bleeder                               Pet Battle: Nazmir

Rapana Whelk                               Pet Battle: Dread Wastes

Against BEAST:

Mechanical Axebeak                  Profession: Engineering

Skywisp Moth                            Pet Battle: Timeless Isle

Cerulean Moth                           Pet Battle: Tanaan Jungle

Stormwing                                 Achievement: So. Many. Pets.

Dusty Sporewing                       Vendor: Tiffy Trapspring, Giada Goldleash (Garrison)

Against AQUATIC:

Enchanted Pen                          Profession: Enchanting

Jade Owl                                   Profession: Jewelcrafting

Enchanted Broom                     Vendor: Trellis Morningsun (Icecrown)


Magma Rageling                               Raid drop, Ignis, Ulduar

Singing Sunflower                            Quest: Lawn of the Dead (Hillsbrad Foothills)

Giggling Flame                                 Island Expeditions

Venus                                               Achievement: That's a Lot of Pet Food

Sinister Squashling                          World Event: Hallow's End

In my next post I'll log my progress as I work on collecting these pets.