Friday, 7 June 2019

Particularly nice invasion today (Horde side)

If you're running missions heavily, the strategy I've talked about here before, today there's a very nice invasion.

Invasion world quests, central Drustvar

Time left shows as 4 hours.

Why it's so good includes the following factors:

- 4 of the needed quests pay War Resources.

- the quests are close together.

- the final quest, with the troll voodoo mask, is notably quick and easy.

Stay away from de voodoo

- there's also an Emissary quest so that pays 2000 gold, 50 WR and 1500 rep.

- Honourbound is the easiest rep so on my alts I was able to get paragon bags even though most of their other reps aren't Exalted yet.

Well worth doing on every Horde level 120 you have if you've got some time right now. If not, look at for this kind of confluence of benefits in the future.