Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hello Test Alliance my old friends, I've come to welp with you again.

(6/2/2014 8:08:01 PM) callduron: !ping all Fleet Type: Inty fast roam || Formup: TVN docked by 19.20 eve time || FC: Callduron || Reimbursement: Peacetime || Duration: approx 2hrs || Comms: BASTN OP 6|| Notes: we're won't be in Kansas any more, Dorothy


1) To serve and protect Krestianin

2) En route


3) The battle of V-3


The battle of HED-GP



FC's ship looking battered after hard night out.

Someone mentioned a wormhole going from our home in Vale out to Amarr space and I thought to myself "hmmm, that's near the new home of my old friends from Test Alliance Please Ignore."

I formed a small gang of inties with 2 guys in frigates who can't fly inties yet.

Just as we were leaving we had a call for help from Krestianin who was being hunted in his pod a few jumps away by a couple of frigates so we raced down there on our white horses and chivalrously rescued his expensive pod. We charged him a Police Pursuit Comet to be paid to our newest player, a cheap price for our service and protection.

Back on track we headed to the wormhole and most of us bookmarked it ok and it took us to Domain. We burned to Provi where CVA formed up a gang. They actually blocked us from going where we wanted to go so we went an alternative route. They raced us down that pipe too and got ahead of us so we simply turned around and burned the way we'd wanted to go anyway.

We next encountered a Nulli caracal fleet. We tried dangerzoning with their fast tackle a couple of times but didn't get a kill and lost one of our frigates. We raced ahead of them but they headed the same place as us - V-3, Brave's form up system. In V-3 we bounced around trying to pick off loose targets at the edges as Brave fought Nulli. After a while Nulli left and we bounced around fighting Hero, murdering a handful of ships. I got to take a few potshots at my old boss, Sapporo Jones.

We moved on to check out Test's mighty new space empire in YHN. Sadly the cupboard was bare - no one in system, no brave ratters out restoring the finances, no one for us to play with there. We pinged the SBUs just for fun then took an afk break. I guess you could say we went for a dump in Test's new space

We headed up to HED-GP. We camped the gate for a bit then a Deimos came in and aggressed. We took the fight but he was supported by a second Deimos and we lost a few people who went within web/scram range. We bailed. (Note, blaster Taranis not optimal in kitey Crow fleet).

Then boodabooda and another Test guy came in so we maneuvred into position to play. We were trying to manoeuver around Booda's cruiser and pick off his inty friend but he motored like a man on a mission. They started reinforcing and we were a little low in numbers so we bailed.

[22:01:03] BoodaBooda u scare?

Yes, sadly we were.

This time.

We ran back through high sec and got home just in time for Kith's ishtar fleet.

I enjoyed the repartee with Test

[20:56:05] Durpmen Durps You a nurse in the old peoples home now?

[20:57:42] Callduron he he think so

[21:03:05] Giovanni Titus how are you doing?

[21:03:16] Callduron really good they're leeting me fc

[21:03:23] Giovanni Titus  haha, rip


  1. Good to hear the fleets are fun and going well!

  2. Hey buddy. Lowsec is buzzing now because they've added new rats that have 100% chance to drop pirate ship bpcs in the asteroid belts. When you have had enough of watching from the sidelines come roam with us.