Sunday, 26 April 2015

Brave dojo: how (not) to gas mine

I spotted this awesome AAR and felt it deserved a wider audience:

AAR Dojo Gas mining

Started Gas mining in Fountain (opsex). Hadrian wanted to test a newbro friendly solo venture fit. He asked Ahoda for advice, it was downhill from there already. He went afk, died. refit it. more folks wanted to try, golieman wanted to join, came, and died too. Larra Croft wanted in on the iskies, too many harvesters on one cloud, he died, Hadrian warped out in 2% structure. Sybil came in, you know how this goes by now. EVERYONE refit, came back in started harvesting (after salvaging old wrecks), Goon prospect came in started harvesting fast, boom boom. so far we have lost like 7 ventures, 4 in clouds. We tried bringing in a Burst for logi, but bubblecamp on the way. Dicas has died 3 times so far, twice on clouds and once on bubblecamp. MasterFounder comes in, cant get to location because (opsex). Finally Wailee Arcada volunteers l337 scanning skills so everyone can have their own effing cloud and not kill each other. Things are finally going well, one per cloud. Last site being scanned down, Anathema warps to 0 to see how many clouds, theres a blue there huffing already and JUST AT THAT FRIGGING MOMENT, gas cloud explodes killing the only scanner we have.....As of now we're still mining with what we have, losing ships the moment we bump close to each other or mis-time the harvesters. We also hate each other. Master Founder went afk, we're currently bumping him towards the Goon miner and the cloud so he dies in gas explosions
Just another day in Brave Dojo
UPDATE: Master Founder came back, warped out just as he's about to die. we can't even get our own killed
UPDATE 2: it appears Master Founder only went off to dump his cargo, he's back now. we're waiting for him to go afk again so we can resume bumping
UPDATE 3: apparently we lolfail at things when we blow up. He's too tanked, so we're warping him to a gate with rats on it. We'll tell him rats spawned after we finished the site
Update 4: we have been here for 3 hours, no one has bothered to save the site, we lose it each time we warp off for our shenanigans
EDITS: updating it as things happen

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