Thursday, 16 April 2015

Goons win Eve, part 2.

(7:49:02 PM)

In preparation for tomorrow's SotC announcement, we are for a finite length of time mutually setting +1.1 standings with the Imperium (formerly known as the CFC) starting in 10 minutes, at 1900 server. Standings fuckery might happen due to propagation, not everyone setting at the same moment. Report to diplos if you're getting shot, and don't shoot them after 1900 even if you don't see them light blue yet.


##### SENT BY: June Ting (Of Sound Mind); TO: online.hero; WHEN: 2015-04-16 18:48:51 #####

OK, what's all this about then?

Well at the moment we don't know for sure. Tomorrow we are going to be told about what happens next in HERO coalition's journey through Eve.

What is interesting is that it involves some deal with the CFC, now The Imperium.

Generally speaking once you start dealing with the Goons they win. You might also win which is what makes their diplomacy so effective but by securing a deal with HERO Goons now have pretty much everyone either neutralised or negotiated with. (Except for Gevlon's valiant NPC Null hold-outs).


  1. You're getting Delve. No, we don't care if you don't want it. Yes, it means we'll eventually invade and take it back again. Its what we do.

    1. It's Fountain apparently. Some guys from Spectre Fleet told us in local, possibly as a troll, it got repeated in alliance chat and our Coalition leader was like "wow, you guys found out fast, yup it's Fountain."

      I love the Eve grapvine.

    2. Yeah, Jabber seems to indicate that this is to keep Brave and Imperium forces from shooting each other while moving into or out of the region.

      And then there is the official Brave Twitter response:

  2. CFC consoldidates FA into other alliances and Brave is the new FA?