Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Goons win Eve.

via Reddit:

TLDR: we basically won eve online again as long as we don't fuck it up and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the last moment, hi5s boys
~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-04-13 18:10:03.494206 EVE ~~~

OK, so what's going on?

Well here's another ping that explains it:

(8:08:06 PM) directorbot: SQUAD BROKEN: NCdot is leaving Querious (and sov itself). Darkness SCSAAs are reinforced because some idiot thought building supercaps in Delve during the Fountain invasion was a great idea. Fraternity is disbanding. Nulli is evaccing from PL to a system called (you can't make this up) 3-BADZ. Black Legion is resetting their N3 comrades because even they are fed up with them.
I broadcast yesterday that I was waiting on the CEO Update to see some of the above variable settle out, and it seems they've settled out into what may be the first coalition-level failure cascade in the history of Eve. We've seen it happen to allainces, but a whole coalition in the space of four days? God damn.
NOW IS THE TIME FOR BOLD ACTION - We will be redeploying and assaulting the enemy EVEN HARDER as they break and run. We will not wait and give them pause and a chance to regroup. They break, we chase and cut them down. Announcement will come with the CEO Update which I now have no excuse to not get off my ass and write. Titans to abort in Delve, Vee's Cruror to rescue (for realsies this time), regions to duckwalk out of after giving our enemies the finger, the whole shebang.
~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all

In terms of Nullsec power Eve now looks like this:

CFC: approx 40k pilots, mostly older, more supers and titans than anyone else. They live in the NW of the map.

PL: have abandoned holding sov and now live as mercs.

BL: abandoned holding sov a couple of years ago, live as mercs.

N3: failcascading or evaccing to Empire.

BRAVE: evacced to Empire.

Russians: Mostly fighting each other, traditionally avoided by the English-speaking blocs.

Good game CFC, good game.


  1. And the victorious CFC is running from Fountain. Way to celebrate!

    Actually they mopped up some self-proclaimed elite and losing terribly to the true elite: the NPC living pirates.

    1. I'll be explaining that in a follow up post. You're right about the efforts of -Eh- and Moa but only in so far as those guys get to win locally. Winning as defined by flag on the map belongs to Goons.

    2. Correction: winning as defined by flag on the map belongs to Goons during Dominion Sov mechanics.

      Then FozzieSov comes and a solo PvP-er can reinforce a station since the 100 Goons in local all safe up, since they can't fight without an FC leading them.

      Actually SMA members have problems breathing without the FC telling them: "now inhale, exhale"

  2. Define "older." I swear that most days in fleet coms it feels like I am old enough to be everybody's father. Heh!

    And, Gevlon, Goons have to leave Delve and Fountain, they can't invade it if they own it already. The power vacuum could be interesting. We'll see if it just ends up being the same old names or not.

    1. Older as in skill points.

      Generally as similar organisations that started at different times Goons are older than Test who are older than Brave. Others in the CFC generally have veteran players - Razor particularly. There are exceptions such as Karmafleet.

    2. Oh and our new Mil Dir is 18 and about to take his A level exams. I'm 32 years older than him

      Besides you're the "Ancient Gaming Newbie." Of course you're older ;)

  3. I'd be careful of 'buying into' the Karmafleet narrative. Perhaps now its a group of noobs, but when the idea was introduced, they were flying T3s and other high SP comps. Not exactly the 'every ship counts' narrative they were going for...

    Rob K.

    (Also, is it just me, or is every post I begin to write already published by someone else? I guess after 10 or more years of Eve, there's nothing left to be original about...)

    1. Ha ha, just bulldoze on and publish anyway.

      Also please put a link to your blog here, we all like reading blogs :)

    2. Nm, found it


      Looking good so far.