Saturday, 11 April 2015

BRAVE: counter coup succeeds, all hail King Lychton

Just when it seemed BRAVE couldn't escalate the drama any higher a dramatic last minute coup happened shortly before a scheduled handover of leadership.

On Tuesday a group of disgruntled players persuaded corp CEOs in the BRAVE alliance to switch their vote for alliance leader from Lychton Kondur to Malanek while Lychton was asleep.

This morning many of these CEOs were quietly approached by a DAMN PATRIOT, Ceo of Dropbears, and persuaded to change their votes back. Patriot coordinated the switch and as soon as Lychton regained alliance control a bunch of corporations including executor corp Nerd Panic, were summarily kicked out of the alliance.

Lychton is now in full control and gave a charismatic and pretty awesome speech.

Anna Niedostepny has been named as the bad guy and is in the process of being kicked out of the alliance.

Malanek is considered a patsy and is likely to be allowed to continue with the alliance if he chooses to do so.

Lquid is considered a bad guy but probably worth saving. His status is complicated by the fact he owns our IT hardware and runs our services. In addition he was in possession of alliance in game assets. He was ordered to immediately return 100 billion isk of alliance assets which he has done.

In Lychton's words "if you come at the King you better not fucking miss."

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