Monday, 11 May 2015

How to report Intel

  • Drag and drop the system name from the top left.
  • Drag and drop the player name from Local
  • Put +X if there are more neuts/hostiles in Local.
  • Put nv if you don't know ship types or brief ship types
  • Example: D4KU Caprisun+6 Hacs/cruisers

D scan instructions.
  • switch to an overview that has ships and not much else on.
  • check the Use Overview Preset box.
  • Reduce D scan range and angle to just catch the enemy fleet.
  • Scan
  • control-A and Control-C the scan text.
  • open
  • control-v to paste
  • control a, control c the url to copy it so you can link it in chats.
You can also copy and paste Local into the tool to provide an analysis by corp/alliance.

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