Sunday, 19 May 2019

Polished pet charms: gold analysis

I'm currently in the middle of cashing out my polished pet charms.

These buy pets which sell for a lot. For pet battlers debating whether to keep these pets or try to sell them my advice is to sell them. There are very powerful pets on the auction house for under 5k. None of these vendor pets are rated very highly. According to the highest polished pet charm pet in the list of vendor pets is Smoochums at number 15. That's 14 better pets just from vendors. Pet battle powerhouses these are not.

So cash then.

First a warning: pet value looks very high. That's because I have presence on multiple servers and value the pet based on the most expensive as that is where I will be selling it. Trying to sell it. Pets sell very slowly, glacially slowly, especially the expensive ones. So when I say a pet is 50,000 gold that means a pet varies from about 10k to 50k, and that it's essentially a lottery ticket with a 50k prize rather than actual money. However the lottery costs 1 silver to enter and pays 50k gold so it's a pretty good lottery. In fact the secret of making money on cross-server pets is to get really big so you're listing hundreds of pets on each of dozens of servers so that it doesn't matter if you only sell 1% of them on any given listing.

And here's why I gave the warning: currently the highest listing by gold/charm is a pet that would bring 859.71 gold per charm at that price. Remember you get 12-20 charms per world quest.

So off I go on my 3 level 120 characters spending polished pet charms.

Jenoh, pet vendor in Voldun

One of the vendors is locked behind some content I haven't done yet. I'll save some charms for later then and add doing a bunch of pvp pet battles to my list. Next week is pet bonus week so I'll do it then.

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