Friday, 17 May 2019

BFA routine content - some analysis

I'm taking a look here at the daily, weekly and cyclical content.

World quests

Contracts. A contract adds 10 rep per world quest. Emissary quest hand-ins count too so a typical day of 4 wqs and a hand in gives additional 50 rep per day. Rep, after a 52k per faction sink, pays about 4000 gold, 2500 AP and 500 War resources. Some factions have extra possible rewards such as sellable pets. Roughly speaking as 10000 rep = 4000 gold we can say that 2 rep is worth about 1 gold if you don't value ap and war resources especially highly. Even if you value them at 1 gold each then 10000 rep = 7000 value so about 1.4 rep per gold.

In 7 days of earning 50 rep a day a contract will earn 350 rep or about 175-250 value. That gives us a ceiling on contract value - if they cost more than 250g to make or buy then they're probably not worth it.

There's also a small time sink when doing contracts so if it's close then best not to spend the 2 minutes going to the auction house and buying them.

These are the prices for Horde contracts on Scarshield Legion-EU.

Honorbound 96.5g

Tortollan Seekers 127g

Voldunai 188g

Talanji's Expedition 247g

Champions of Azzeroth 280g

Zandalari Empire 300g

I decide to buy Honourbound contracts for my characters this week as that rep is a little better than the baseline because you also get 0.002 of a Honourbound Service Medal per rep.


There are two aspects to quests: context and individual merit.

Context is about how many other reward-giving game elements the quest completes in addition to itself. A single quest might be part of an invasion, part of an emissary quest, part of a weekly bonus quest, part of a paragon reward or part of the warquest Remaining Threats boss killing quest.

The most efficient way to maximise context is to do invasions that are currently emissary quests but at the moment I'm bored of invasions so I don't do them.

Warfront quests are nice because they have a higher average payout than other world quests, because some of the bosses can drop nice items, because you see soloable bosses travelling from one quest to another and because you can fly there.

Once a week there is a world boss to kill which is definitely the highest quest judged on its own merits.

The pet quests reward about 15 polished pet charms. Currently the Crimson Frog which is probably representative costs 100 charms and sells on the servers I have pet markets on for 7499 - 36392 gold, call it 22k average or 220 gold per charm. That's 3300 per world quest (plus about 40 gold's worth of rep). These prices are probably on the slide as over time more of these charms will enter the economy without a corresponding influx of new pet customers but it's clearly a very healthy world quest on its own merits.

The pet upgrade tokens can be bought at the rate of 1.3 tokens per 2 charm mystery bag so clearly the world quests that award about 15 charms are better than the world quests that award about 4 upgrade tokens but both are worth doing.

Pet quests can be done across multiple alts by setting the correct team then doing it on all alts before moving on to the next pet quests setting a team for that. This saves quite a lot of time setting teams.

I look out for the profession quests, either giving rank 3 of a recipe or for gathers giving a bunch of herbs for a very quick gather. In addition to the stated reward the recipe ones give 1 skill point which is not nothing in the late stages of a profession leveling process. The quests that give 5 expulsom are a great way to get that material as 5 expulsom = about 30 items scrapped.

The final quests I look out for on merit are quests that give purple items when I'm on a (dis)enchanter. Veiled crystals are currently about 340g on my server making these far superior to the regular gold quests.

Mission tables.

Follower equipment. I'm pretty happy with the quantity of herbs and anchorweed I've been passively getting from using the mission table. I have however decided to switch to the equipment that pays enchanting materials (Disenchanting Rod) as I think those are more valuable now and will hold their value better in late BFA and future expansions.

8.2 introduces new mats for most professions but not for enchanring so the Disenchanting Rod probably has more longevity.

Data from this thread suggests you get about 20,000g from a magnetic mining pick in a month of running 3 missions per day. That's about 222g per mission. Let's assume that we're going to be lazy and only refresh the table once a day. Currently the picks are 5k on my auction house so they pay off in 23 days of being really chill about this. Best of all, I believe this can be done on the phone app so it's a lot easier to keep this churning over while doing other things than playing Wow all day.

So the conclusion is that it's a good idea to get Follower Equipment on all followers and run these missions on multiple alts.

A second conclusion is that War Resources are more valuable than they look because having to stop running missions because you've run out costs you 222g per mission just in lost materials.

Here are the current prices of Follower Equipment on Scarshield Legion EU:

Crimson Ink Well 15000g

Potion of Herb Tracking 30000g

Magnetic Mining Pick 5000g 

Monelite Fish Finder 5000g

Tempest Hide Pouch 5000g

Kaleidoscopic Lens n/a

Rough-hooked Tidespray Linen n/a 

Disenchanting Rod 15000g

That's pretty interesting. The 5k ones pay you back in a week assuming they bring in about the same value as a pick and that you run 3 missions per day.

Now lets consider making my own. I can make bracers on my tailor and send them to my enchanter. 180 bracers gives about 30 expulsom.

Bracer cost = 10 tidespray linen (2.5g each) plus 5 nylon thread (0.48g) = 27.4 g

Expulsom cost = 6 bracers = 164.4g (acutally rather less because scrapping returns some cloth and nylon)

Disenchanting rod = 30 expulsom (4932g) + 40 gloom dust (6.7g each = 268g) + Star Wood (0.45g) + 5 veiled crystal (171g each = 855g) + hydrocore/tidalcore. Total = 6055g plus hydrocore.

Doing this research has led me to some conclusions:

- the 5k follower equipment is probably below crafting cost, the expulsoms alone nearly equal the price they're asking.

- these items are so good that I've decided to replace the 5% success chance stone we get from the vendor. 222g per mission beats very slightly higher chance of a bonus on all but the most absurdly lucrative missions (treasure map and battlerunes missions perhaps). Especially since the rewards from Follower Equipment aren't affected by mission success chance, it's enough that you do the mission.

- I need to start farming mythics to pick up some tidalcores.

- I need more alts at 120. 

- I should set up the wow app on my phone. 

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