Thursday, 14 April 2016

A quick MBC entosis primer

A couple of points about taking sov in Deklein in the current state of play.

  • 2 entosisers isn't enough. You need 3-4 minimum. We did a timer the other day which went like this: we did 2 nodes, then 2 more, then 2 more, then 5 naturally regenerated. Making us +1 for 90 minutes work. Which sucked.
  • use a googledoc spreadsheet to track nodes and coordinate ships. Columns are system - node number - expiry time - entosiser. Eg: VFK - G58 - 07.56 - Callduron.
  • It's important to catch the older nodes that are about to expire so have your inty pilot direct traffic so entosisers don't waste time (eg by warping to a node someone else is doing).
  • Goons will send Swordfleet. 25-100 inties. With our small numbers we've mostly used destroyers. Most junior FCs won't commit their inties against 10 svipuls. In fact I've watched them bail when I was expecting them to come in and murder us. (It was 90 v 9 and I decided to take the fight because fuck goons but to our amazement they bailed).
  • Goons may send Caracals. Against 60 or so cruisers my small gangs just run away leaving the entosiser to die. It's very difficult for them to get a fleet like this all the way up from Saranen without attracting hunters so just chill in a freeport for 10-15 mins and it will probably be dead or gone.
  • The entosis ship needs tank, eccm, the entosis link and at least 50 stront. Anti-inty combat ability is nice too.
  • Other entosisers are helping you so work with them for ihub, tcu and initial station timers. For final station timers the game mechanics pit you against each other so agree who will get it and don't work against each other.
(Feel free to steal this for internal forums).


  1. Hmm yes the node thingie prevents a solo pilot from claiming a system, what a shame, I was already thinking of claiming my own system :)

    1. It is possible for a solo player with two alts to entosis systems, even stations, despite the combined effect of regeneration and extra time on cycles if the duration is not a multiple of 2mn. Check a report at

  2. If your target system has low enough ADM I think winning a capture event solo is doable, but by no means efficient. Bring alts.