Tuesday, 29 March 2016

CFC crumbling

After Monday night's massive battle, dormant tensions within the CFC came to a head with three organisations deciding to abandon the coalition.

First and most significantly CO2, a Serbian-led alliance with a reputation for being above average at pvp. This comes from the top with leaders Gigx and Sebastian being famously ballsy about dropping their personal titans. The announcement was posted on reddit and has caused massive interest, peaking at #34 on /r/all.

Newbie friendly organisations need to brace themselves for a swarm of new players.

Following that Hole Violence, the Goons' wormhole corp, announced that it too would be abandoning the CFC. It seems legit, I know the author of the post Fix Lag from the Fountain War of 2013 and before that Kugu and F13.

Next Bovril, once the mining arm of Brave Newbies, decided that transitioning to The Bastion was pointless. They're joining OSS, one of the alliances leading the charge against the Coalition they are leaving.

Once the collapse starts it's very difficult to stem and unless Mittens can conjure a miracle I think we'll see more defections over the coming week. Every individual, corp, and alliance in the coalition has to now be asking themselves "what's the best way to secure my future?"


  1. I think the Hole Squad post was a troll. The leader of Hole Squad is an in-person pal of Mittens and is even now watching his dog while Mittens is traveling.

    1. Ah ok. Dangerous joke to make. I think the Bovril post was just a few minutes after, real danger of causing a flood.

  2. It would be ironic if CFC does fall apart because of a troll post from a Goon leader...