Thursday, 31 July 2014

We petition the obama administration to:

Launch A Naval Embargo Against the Nation of Iceland Until WhenIaminSpace is Unbanned on EVE.


It's real. American direct democracy in action. Might make a pleasant change from invading countries for their oil. 

Currently it's still 99919 short of the 100 000 needed.


  1. That petition is so badly worded that someone who doesn't play EVE reads only gibberlish. I guess the guy was drunk/stoned/mad when he created it.

  2. What exactly did this guy do? I understand he was somehow involved with LP multiplying? is there perhaps an original article about it?

      He used the change to R.A.M.s in conjuction with mobile depots to generate huge bounty-payments. Quite clever but also quite obviously an exploit (it uses very similar techniques as the great goon FW-exploit from the FW revamp).