Friday, 18 July 2014

The Battle of 9P4O-F, 16th July 2014

Nice video on youtube of this fight from the same perspective I had in my tengu.

The fight begins with Bastion/EG jumping it to an Ishtar fleet of XDeath and friends. We had tengus they were in ishtars and some other drone boats like VNI. The tengus began killing ishtars and VNIs, XDeath began killing our logi. The tengus moved in closer and early on in the video you'll see the pilot ammo switch to Antimatter.

Razor brought in a bunch of proteuses repped by carriers but had some problems positioning, somewhat to the displeasure of our FC. He felt they should have lit a cyno in the fight instead of trying to warp carriers around on what had become a very heavily bubbled grid.

Nulli added ishtars to the already impressive wall of russian ishtars. Not sure why people are giving them grief, seems a basically sound way to support a temporary ally.

I guess the key to the fight was that the ishtars were shooting scimis and recons at long range while we went in close and used antimatter. So high damage ammo with rails v moderate damage long range drones (I want to say Bouncers but not 100% sure). I have to say our logi did a stand up job of tanking the fight out.

EG/Bastion paid 14 scimis and some recons which was pretty light compared to the damage we dealt out. From our perspective in the tengus it was an absolute turkey shoot, firing non stop pretty much for what must have been close to 50 minute (my first kill died 48 mins before my last). We didn't always manage to break reps but their logi found it difficult to apply reps in time so 3 out of 4 targets died before they caught enough reps. Our FC did a great job of moving on to new targets.

After winning the subcap battle we brought Dreads in to reff the ihub so hopefully we'll get a rematch soon.

Eventually we cynoed in Scimi reships and Xdeath and Nulli had to flee the field. An enterprising attempt from a member of CO2 to hoover our loot failed sadly when someone blew up his mobile tractor unit.

It was fun as hell to fight in and I added a page and a half of kills to my personal killboard. I burned my guns to 90% damaged, repaired them and burned them to 50% again before we finished. (Slightly twitching at the lack of overheating in the video but it doesn't seem to be such a thing in nullsec as it is elsewhere).

Props to XDeath and Nulli, good fight.

I didn't take any screenshots but here's a picture of a tengufleet from a few days earlier.

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