Saturday, 21 December 2013

Test Alliance Best Alliance

I've rejoined Test Alliance.

I had a hard choice a few months ago when my corp left Test, choosing to go with them to Dronelands. So it was fairly natural on leaving my corp to hook up again with my old friends in Test.

I joined a corp called Rubella Solaris. They have a history of faction warfare, having started off in Fweddit. They (in fact make that we) are one of the most active corps in Test.

It's very busy and there's a lot of gangs which was what I was missing. I've run a couple of frigate fleets just defensive plexing in FW and I've been on some other fleets including a new specialty: ratter hunting interceptor gangs.

It's something of a golden age for Test. With no sov we don't seem to be using caps or supercaps or even the larger subcaps so if you like flying frigs, as I do, it's great fun.

I'm using two main ships - a Stiletto for our interceptor roams and Merlins for faction war. The loyalty points are flooding in so I may upgrade my standard FW ship from Merlins to Hookbills.

So what lies ahead? Well leadership are doing their usual things of dropping heavy hints about plans in motion (which truth be told can be a bit annoying because invariably after a week of ** IT'S HAPPENING ** there's something underwhelming at the end if it all).

If anyone wants to join us, there should be fun times ahead. Currently I think TEST may be the best alliance in the game for people who like frig pvp gangs, as they're generally pretty good, newbie friendly and a ton of fun. It's also pretty good isk-making.

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