Monday, 16 December 2013

Eve: looking for people to shoot

After Test lost the Fountain War my corp drifted into renting and I drifted with them. After a while I realised I didn't like ratting drones (they drop no loot, have no escalations worth doing and no faction versions) and I didn't like mining much. I do enjoy PI and have some PI alts still with my old corp SEDNA which is growing into a busy and bustling renter corp for people who do enjoy the playstyle.

So here I am, back in the noob corp, pondering my options.

I'm not alone. A handful of other SEDNA people also have left at the same time, all basically looking for action.

So what are our options?

Nullsec looks very exciting with the CFC announcing yesterday that they would be going all in to support the Russians and Black Legion in their war against N3 and PL. Somewhat to everyone's surprise, PL/N3 have been doing amazingly well in that war, dealing with being out-numbered by shipping up to T3s and capital ships.

Faction War is also very tempting with us having done quite a lot of small gang stuff during our time with SEDNA. And if I may say, we're quite good at it now.

We went on a roam last night with numbers ranging from 4 to 6, in tech 1 frigates and bagged a rich haul of kills: 2 cruisers, a jaguar, 2 Fed Comets, 3 destroyers, 6 frigates and 3 noob ship cynos. I lost one Merlin worth about 8 million isk.

If we do enter FW we'll probably enter for Caldari as the Caldari Gallente sectors seem much more target rich. There's also perhaps the possibilility of rejoining Test but I'm more keen on this than my friends.

I think I'd like to get back into FCing again, and more than just a handful of people. It's very nice to have made friends from previous adventures so I have options that will see hopefully me hooking up again with old comrades in arms.


  1. Stay Frosty. Shoot all the things. Joining a side takes away some of the targets.

    1. It does, it does but I really like being part of a big active pvp group. I miss going out on fleets of 50+ and the highlight of my year was helping FC during the massive 6VDT battle.

  2. I think you have been busting to FC larger numbers for a while mate and should follow your instincts. Amber, Myara and I are going to chill in r3x for a while maybe even consider growing it with some very select recruitments.

    Your more than welcome to hang with us for days, months or however long you feel as you know we love flying with you!

    I reckon that no matter where you end up you'll still roam with us and other past friends anyway :)

    R3X has a new in game public channel called.... r3x, or stick an app in to the corp and it will be instantly approved by one of us :)

    1. Makes sense, I was sort of thinking we might go separate ways here.

      But yup friendship always > corp tag.

  3. I used to enjoy your fleets in TEST I still remember your Delve Police Fleets with flashing blues lights and all, I didn't think you would survive long as a renter.
    You can always come back and join the CFC again. I thought that with us (ENL-I) moving to Goons it would be very different, but they are very alike the old TEST but without the annoying forum dicks.

    1. Thanks David.

      I've always held ENLI in very high regard. I actually applied back when I was in Li3 but Lovelocke declined to take someone from a blue which was fair enough.

      I really enjoyed flying with ENLI when I was in Test and was one of the people saying how great ENL-A were at 1-SMEB.

      I think I may have found a home but if it doesn't happen I may apply.

    2. LoveLocke is away playing Rift now, I don't think he will be back to EVE, he passed the CEO over to Alessadra she is really a mad American girl, but the guys would follow her to hell and back if she asked.

    3. I don't think I met her when I was in Test. Wish Lovelocke well for me, Rift was a very good game.