Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Crossing Zebras Community FFA – 5th October

Heads up people who like shooting other people. Or even if you haven't tried it much and think you'd like to give it a go. On Saturday it's the Crossing Zebras FFA and it sounds like everyone is welcome.

I'll be there, hopefully with some colleagues from SEDNA. It's always particularly nice to shoot people you know (as The Ancient Gaming Noob noted at 6VDT after he blew up my Zealot, just after I in turn had blown up Poetic Stanziel).

If you're not sure what to bring here's a cheap Merlin fit I've been using tonight. I actually had three of them blown up but they did pretty well for themselves (5 assault frigate kills and a hookbill plus some T1 frigs).

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