Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eve Online: poco wars, part 2

After a couple of hours busily blowing up my 2 pocos the enemy leader got back to me.

[19:09:23] E > hi
[19:09:47] E > larst charns or call in the fleet
[19:09:54] E > 6%
[19:10:01] E > thats not bad u have a lot mor to loos
[19:17:58] Me > sorry mate was afk
[19:18:03] E > np
[19:18:19] Me > yup, you go ahead I'll just move hole
[19:18:22] Me > good luck
[19:18:45] E > wow but u have a hell of a tol in there ...
[19:18:53] Me > tol?
[19:18:54] E > sham to blow it up
[19:19:00] E > lot
[19:19:05] Me > what's a tol?
[19:19:08] Me > oh
[19:19:16] Me > no, i just had the 2 pocos
[19:19:16] E > carnt speel for shit =/
[19:19:27] Me > the tower is some russian dude's
[19:19:34] Me > i've never seen him
[19:22:19] E > k i see
[19:22:57] Me > so what exactly do you guys do in game?
[19:23:09] Me > i thought TEARS were basically ninja salvagers
[19:23:45] E > they r
[19:24:15] Me > you're collecting tears blowing up pocos?
[he left]

I wonder how much money they make doing this. I guess a lot of people must fold at the first threat of violence.


  1. These POCO Wars i'm sure are gonna become interesting and will continue to hear much about in time to come.

    I guess the group shooting your POCO was expecting you to cave in and hand over the POCO lol or ransom you for ISK.

    Only thing they got out of it for spending all that time was a Killmail i guess.

  2. Well it is a magnet for pvp. I went back in and killed a stealth bomber late last night (no idea if it was part of their team).

    I also lost a badger which I thought was safe. Someone scanned it down after I logged off in a safe spot, cloaked.

    I think for people who enjoy waiting patiently for something to maybe happen Eve is a great pvp game. I can certainly empathise with them. They have no idea how I will react, whether people will come kill them, etc.

    For me it galvanised me to apply to a proper w-space corp which would be awesome to get in so they did me a favour really. And I don't mind losing the pocos - I made around 30!