Thursday, 15 December 2011

Eve Online: a new home

A new home for my armada of PI alts. I'm sending a scanning ship and 5 cloaky haulers off to a new wormhole. This one has lots of lovely planets and is very quiet. According to DOTLAN there have only been 2 players ships and no pods killed in the last month. No jumps at all in the last couple of weeks and combat against NPC seems very occasional.

I check everyone has an up-to-date clone and an insured ship. In one case I repair the armour and half the structure of an exceptionally fortunate Badger. And launch 3 clients and have them all autopilot while I type this. I also send them 200 million isk each to cover set up costs and export taxes for the next several months.

Once I've placed my ships inside I'll scout their POS with my cov ops and get the corp ticker. I'll use that to work out their timezone with the idea of only exporting PI goods when they're all asleep. For good measure I'll add any name I can deduce to my watchlist for extra hauling safety.

At some point they may decide to put up POCOs at which point it will be time to move again. Until then I'll pay 17% tax and like it!


  1. Be aware that Crucible changed the API so that wormhole jumps are now no longer reported. That lack of jumps for two weeks means nothing, and I don't think you'll be able to rely on that kind of data any more.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed your series of POCO accounts. It is a game changer for sure, one that could push industrialists and pvpers closer together, much as the Russian crew seemed to have done.

    Serpentine's comment and your response regarding bringing force is that element of support that will forge relationships in risky areas of space.

  3. If you get turfed out of your new home, contact me in game.

  4. Trying to ninja PI in a wormhole sounds like a higher risk to gain the same reward. Why are you running highsec and accept a lower return?

  5. I am currently working on exiting a class 3 with fair pi if you are interested in that hole i would sell it to you cheep, though it has a null sec static making trips to empire infrequent. it currently has all of the interbus customs offices intact, though for a small fee I could take those down as well.


  6. @ pjharvey Yeah I was vaguely aware of that but it's been quiet for 6 weeks and Google didn't find the hole listed on anyone's killboard since summer.

    There were a few residents about last night, they only really matter if they can catch my cloaked haulers or if they put up pocos.

    @ Adhar There have been some sceptics but in my opinion you're absolutely right. Pocos haven't destroyed the gameplay of the small PIer, they've just made it more interesting.

    @ Knug Great, thanks!

    @ Soo I do have someone extracting in high sec as a point of comparison. The spawns are much lower there. I can about 4 times as much product off a wormhole planet as I can off a highsec planet. So I make a lot of money, even after paying 17% tax.

    @ Wh Denizen Thanks for the offer. My needs are fairly specific and I quite enjoy exploring so I don't buy wormholes. In any event I prefer a high sec static. It's a very good offer for anyone who's in a large coalition as with a null static you should be able to export to friendly space but then again if you're in null you don't need to PI in w-space.

  7. Our Wh system has a hisec static, so it may fit your style of play.

    And we use a x-large ship ass'y array :)

  8. Knug, I'm going to hold off for now because of SWTOR. I won't be doing much except skill queueing and restarting PI for a while.

    Once SWTOR become a little old and someone chases me out of their wormhole I'll definitely be in touch. I did some research and I like what I was able to find out about your corp.

  9. If all you're doing is PI, J132024 may not be ideal, but once we get our own POCOs up we'd be happy to set a lower tax rate for you.

    Hisec static, 2 barren, 1 storm, 2 gas, 1 ice planet.

  10. Thanks for the offer, Jhared. I'll be playing SWTOR for the next few weeks after that I may well be looking for a new Eve location.

  11. I have never even played this game, but the ideas in this post apply to many other games/situations.

    Have you ever though about making a blog hub where you have a blog for each game you play? Or maybe adding more to your site to make it a home base for gamers so to speak?

    You have so much potential in your writing/critical thinking.

    Anyways, motivational speach over, see ya around stabs.

  12. Hey there Marcko.

    I think you would love Eve Online. There's a depth to the market that simply isn't present in any other MMO I have seen. In WoW a competent auction house player makes money because 98% of the server is casual or clueless about the economy. In Eve you're competing against the big boys.

    I did a lot of thinking about my internet presence while I had an enforced internet downtime. I decided to do a few things, the first of which is going to be a SWTOR economy site.

    I'm also about to start a web design course so I'll be doing more with my sites as I learn.

    But thanks for your support - once again we prove that great minds think alike!

  13. There is a site online which can give you all corp members from any corp in eve.
    It's called CIA. I don't have the link right now but it rocks.