Monday, 28 February 2011

Rift: what I'm playing


Sab/Ranger/Riftstalker level 21: very fun build. The pet is a superb tank easily keeping aggro in pve and passive damage in pvp. 0 point RS gives me a 15m teleport, great for stealing nodes. Sab is awesome, I'm usually near the top in Warfronts. It's just become a lot stronger with the buy one, get one free + charge talent. Not only is it OP but blowing people up is really fun, I just wish I'd named him Osama. It's an incredibly simple build to play: charge up then detonate. I prefer instant damage charges and haven't worried so far about secondary effects. Single targets get the single target charge, if it has friends it gets the aoe charge. There's already a Youtube video of someone owning with a 2 button Saboteur.

I'll have to change my playstyle a little now I've got the buy one get one free charge booster talent. If I put 5 Blast Charges on someone the talent will give me a 6th (passively). If I put a Blast Charge, a Spike Charge, a Shrapnel Charge, a Caltrop Charge and a Splinter Charge on someone the talent will give me one of each free (passively). I'll be needing to remap my keybinds.

People are starting to complain bitterly about the burstiness of this build. If you put a Time Bomb (blows up after 8 seconds), 5 charges, toss a bomb (takes about 1 second flight time) and Detonate then within the span of a second someone effectively receives 13 nukes (10 charges, 2 bombs and a detonate). The defence against this is to learn what the debuffs look like and stop chasing whatever you're chasing and get safe if you see the icons building up on you. I'm quite sure however I'll never run out of numpties who will stay in range doing something else.

Ranger (7) / Saboteur (21) / Riftstalker (0)

My backup soul is Riftstalker. Tanking on one of these is a little complex so I haven't quite got my head around it yet. I've only just acquired the tank stance without which RS isn't really a tank (so don't try to tank an instance at 17).

Bladedancer (7) / Riftstalker (21) / Ranger (0)


Also I have a mage. I started out as a Stormcaller then realised I would go out of mana with no way to get mana back. The class is unplayable until you have a mana restore imo. That's at level 18 if you go Stormcaller/Elemental Summoner - ES is a great choice if you're looking for a second soul that gives you mana. Switching to ES as main, I now have a level 13 ES/Dominator/Stormcaller. ES get a superb mana restore, converting charge into mana at level 6. It's a huge help. The tank pet is solid. The air elemental pet is ranged which makes it nice in warfronts because it never dies. People avoid nuking pets that are in their face, no one is going to fuss over a pet that is 30m away. Squirreling people in warfronts never gets old. 1.5 seconds of my time for 36 seconds of their highest level healer? - I'll make that trade. Plus there is already a Don't fucking squirrel me, you bastards thread on the Trion boards (which inspired this character). As for ES the damage isn't stellar but it's a soloing machine: squirrel, root, 2 knockbacks, tank pet, ice shield and unlimited mana. Survives anything non-ludicrous, never needs to stop. Icy carapace deserves special mention: it says when you cast an earth spell the dot is consumed doing 0 to 0 damage. It's actually 83 (125 on a crit) at level 13. 0 point Stormcaller gives you quite a nifty knockback.

Dominator (4) / Elemental Summoner (13) / Stormcaller (0)

PS remapped my hotkeys and tried out my new Sab rotation. Level 21 in a 20-29 warfront. Top on damage.

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