Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rift: Ode to beta 6

Like tadpoles spawning in a pond,
Like midges swarming on a summer's day,
We left those games of which we're fond
To try killing ten rats a different way.

"To Rift, to Rift", one heard the cry,
And along we came in droves and hordes
Our older games we wished goodbye
They had been fun but we'd grown bored.

In no time at all the complaints begun
"It's so very far and I have no mount
I have to run, this is not fun
Did I buy the wrong type of account?"

Pvpers refrained their familiar song
"Oh woe is me, healers are OP
I'm losing fights - the game's built wrong!
Fix this now or it's bye to me."

In general chat the experts opined
"It's Warhammer reskinned, it's Eve,
It's just like WoW," they mournfully whined
The fanboys replied "just leave".

But none of this stemmed the tide
From golden star to golden star
As thousands of us, with eyes open wide
Explored a world, new in wonder.