Saturday, 16 February 2019

WoW: Casual player agenda

Now that I'm not raiding I have the chance to reassess my priorities and figure out a new agenda.

My priorities are now:

- keep routine daily and weekly opportunities on cooldown so I get a good stream of items, gold, artifact power and war resources.

- unlock certain features that are desireable and that are gated behind quest chains.

- tourist the raids in LFR, preferably with a character that will benefit from the gear (340 Uldir, 355 BFD)

- stock auctionhouses

- level alts

This breaks down to:

Weekly prep:

Get weekly quest for the bonus event  across all alts if appropriate.

Use contract.

Buy reroll tokens if desired

Clear bags, scrapping/vendoring or disenchanting items.

Check gear enchants

First things

Restart mission tables across all alts

Run naval expeditions on main until I've got the heirloom rings

Check warfronts across all alts, running them if the quest or world boss is up.

Emissary quests/invasions.

Try to time emissary quests to the invasions so I'm doing them both at once. I'll write more on this on a future blog post but the idea is to see what the schedule is for the invasions and then try to do your, say, Zandalari quests by running a Zandalari invasion so that you finish both by doing the same 4 quests.

(All) Random world boss if up.

Pet charm world quests

(Alts) check item improvements from world quests for the first few weeks after dinging 120.

Concurrent queued activities

Some activities we have to queue for so it makes sense to get these done while doing solo content like the world quests. By priority:

- (Main): pet battles if pet battle bonus event is up.

- (Main): Battlegrounds till 5000 conquest points

- (Alts): Heroic dungeons if 355 gear still needed and the once/day extra payout is available

- (Alts): LFR

Island Expeditions

I've found I often forget if I leave these until late in the week so I like to get them done sooner. No reason not to do them across all alts now that the 5000gp treasure map is a possible reward.

Seasonal events

- Darkmoon Faire quests in the first week of the month. I don't do all of these but some of them are just great, especially the 5 profession skill points.

- Other seasonal events I'll assess based on the expected payout probably from selling pets at the opposite time of year. I'm not bothering with the current Love Fool event.

Auction house

- Weds afternoon and Sat afternoon are my preferred times to relist all my items across my multiple servers. I list for 48 hours so my auctions have all expired when I do this.

Quest chains:

- get 5th mission companion on each alt.

- unlock the BfA pathfinder achievement on main

Alt levelling

My system is log on, queue for a dungeon while working through solo quests, take the dungeon with its once a day bonus then reach a natural stopping point in my questing and hearth. Then log on to the next alt and repeat.

Alt levelling is quite a gold sink as they generally need upgraded heirlooms. I'm mostly focusing on just upgrading the ones that give bonus exp as any old weapon will do.

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