Thursday, 21 February 2019

WoW Casual Player Agenda take 2

I tried my last plan and it was way too cluttered. Trying to chase down all those different tasks and jobs simply takes too much time.

I present a new plan for anyone who is spread across several alts:

- one mythic dungeon a week (ideally 2 levels higher than last week's).

- 4 islands quest on main character. (It might make sense to do it on each alt as it's quite rewarding but frankly I don't really like the gameplay).

- LFR pickup raids on new 120 alts eligible to do them. (Not because they're efficient, just because they're rather fun). Uldir requires ilvl 320 rewards 340. BfD requires ilvl 350 rewards 370.

- world boss and one-off quest for Darkshore Warfront on each alt. Arathi requires ilvl 320 rewards 370. Darkshore requires ilvl 335 rewards 400.

- heroic lfg dungeons on new alts as and when. Requires ilvl 325 rewards 355.

- invasions where they also count towards emissary quests (eg Talanji's emissary with Nazmir invasion).

- other emissary quests.

- daily world quests offering specifically interesting rewards like recipes and pet charms.

- alts.

So in short it's:

Emissaries (preferably with invasions concurrently)

One set of 4 Island expeditions

One mythic+ per character

Darkshore ilvl 400 tasks.

Leveling Alts

Bunch of stuff when an alt is new 120.

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