Monday, 7 January 2019

The pets are on farm

Wee Darkmoon Rabbit!

I'm really enjoying myself setting up my cross-realm petshop. I sell 28 types of pets on each of 10 servers plus some rare pets such as this world boss drop that I just got.

This is a web page spreadsheet of the servers I sell on and a spreadsheet of rare beauty. I've spent considerable time browsing this page.

So let's see which server I should post this rabbit on. You have to use Cntrl-F rather than the Find box to get to the line listing its price on each server. Cheapest is 14,998g and dearest is 76,997g. But there's one server without any there so I might try there for a little over the most expensive. I log into my alt on Zenedar, cage it, search the AH and it's there already, the spreadsheet, glorious as it is, is not quite up to date. 46k? Too low, which server was 76k again? There we go, now listed there a copper cheaper.

So is money flooding in?

Not really. Most servers earn 0-200g a day with sometimes 1-2k on one or two of them. None of my premium pets have sold, world drops etc, just the ones from the vendors that I relist.

I think it will change when the new raid starts at the end of the month. New players will come back to the game and want to fill holes in their collection. Hopefully.

Another thing we goblins need is more positivity. The Wow raiding community is really bitter and negative at the moment. I'm pretty sure that depresses the economy.

So we'll see. The goal is to still keep building up the pet shop, branching into investing, a more risky process than farming and relisting pets from vendors.

In other news I completed the Deadmines Pet Dungeon then discovered you can't cage and therefore can't sell the pets from there. Disappointing. I'll stick to the other two.

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