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Sources of end game reward in 8.1.5



LFR 340

Normal 355

Heroic 370

Mythic 385


LFR 370

Normal 385

Heroic 400

Mythic 415


Normal Dungeons, LFG or guild, 340

Heroic Dungeons, LFG or guild, 355

Mythic + dungeons, guild or custom groups, 370-400

Weekly Mythic+ cache, up to 410 after a couple of weeks.

Weekly dungeon quest : (I had no idea this existed): 370

Timewalking: 320, also a weekly quest for a 370


Darkshore world boss: 400

Darkshore main quest: 400

Darkshore base warfront reward: 355

Arathi world boss: 370

Arathi main quest: 370

Arathi base warfront reward: 340


Crafted armour: auctionhouse, self crafted: 340

Crafted weapons, rings 300-310

Darkmoon trinkets:  355

Elite crafted: bop self-crafted: 415

Auction house

BoE world drops

World quests:

Emissary: up to 385. Can reward 2000 gold.

Items from world quests: ?

World boss: pug, 355

Faction assault: ? (currently 370)

Faction assault token vendor sells a 395 ring

Island Expedition

weekly quest: 2500 AP and treasure map for 4 heroic or 3 mythic runs.

Each run can drop doubloons, pets, mounts or ilvl 325 weapons.

Mission table

Rep, gold, battle-scarred runes, in return for AP. (runes should be done on every 120 alt)

Followers can be equipped to give bonus resources.

Faction reps

free 45 ilvls on the amulet from Magni in Silithus for alts if your main is revered.

Vendors sell 320 cloak at Revered and 350-355 items at Exalted.

Contracts made by scribe give +10 per world quest to a single BFA faction.

Paragon bags reward 3500-5000 gold, AP, WR and some pets, toys or recipes varying by each faction.


Rated pvp rewards are based on your pvp rank, rank 2400+ for the best rewards.

End of match rewards: occasional 370-405

Weekly cache rewards 385-415

Weekly chest rewards 385-415

World pvp quests (Alliance get a quest to kill 25 horde players awarding a 370 item)

Titan Residuum vendor:

vendor: up to 415 best in slot

Seals of Wartorn Fate

reroll a loot drop


Note: all pet content is valid forever unlike ilvl bound equipment.

Dailies. Daily pet quests include BFA world quests, Legion world quests, garrison daily pet quests, wild pet trainer dailies, Celestial Tournament, Argent tournament.

Weekly dungeons: Wailing Caverns, Gnomeregan (Deadmines isn't worth repeating because the pets can't be caged).

Old world farming

Old content raids had pets added to their loot tables (generally 3 pets available per raid) and can drop mounts etc. These are on weekly timers.

Open world mounts pets and transmog can be farmed at any time (but my recent testing revealed it's kinda boring to kill 100s of world mobs for a 1 in 1000 chance of a pet).


Any additions or corrections are welcome, not all ilvls are fully implemented right away ( I haven't attempted to address the very complicated rollouts).


(I used this page because it's simply this plus 30 for Season 2).

What’s Changing (and Not!) in Season 2

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