Thursday, 6 April 2017

I'm back, New Eden!

I took a break from Eve because of some real life issues but now I'm back. (Not so coincidentally in time for AT season).

I started by appearing on Viciate's excellent new podcast, New Eden story time. The first few episodes have been an engrossing tale of wormhole violence. The story I told is the story of the 2013 Goon v Test Fountain War. That is due to be released on the Crossing Zebras site soon. (Normal price $150,000 - for you gentle readers absolutely free while stocks last!)

I'm in Pandemic Horde at the moment because, bless them, they're an uncritical accepting place for people who might be a bit distracted by real life. I hope though to move on soon as I'm ready for a more demanding playstyle again.

With Horde I've done some scouting, some ratting and fc-ed a fleet and backseated another fleet. I hope to do a couple more fleets before moving on.

Anyway see you soon both here on the blog and in a dark corner of space where no one can hear any cries for help ;)


  1. Welcome back hordebro! -Korosov Malkovi

  2. Welcome back man! Hope to see you around. - Ahriman Taredi

    1. Also, what particular podcast are you in of his? Wanna listen to your insights man. :)

    2. Hey bud, sorry for the late response.