Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Is this the best Eve blog post of the year?

Like the majority of Eve bloggers most of my posts are just your basic keyboard bashes. "You know nothing, CCP," as I react angrily to some game mechanic change. I'm quite happy to weigh in on topics of which I have no experience, setting The Mittani straight about why he's running his space empire wrong.

Occasionally I'll take the trouble to do some actual research to educate myself and to support my reasoning like the graphs on my recent target painting article.

Last month a rather obscure blog, Reckless Abandon, published an article where not only is the writer clearly an absolute expert in his field but the amount of arduous research he put in was outstanding.

For people who enjoy soloing in T1 frigates you're in for an absolute treat.

Don't forget to add him to your blogrolls. Props to my friend Tremer Latan for putting it in his which is how I found it.


  1. That is a fine blog post indeed. Put him on the EVE Online Pictures blog roll and in my Feedly feed.

  2. Thx buddy. Bloggers need to stick together <3