Sunday, 28 July 2013

Test v Goons: the battle of 6VDT

Am currently sitting on a Titan, one of a small fleet of bridging titans Test is using to move our massive fleet to the capital system of Fountain - 6VDT.

While the CFC has effectively won the attritional war TEST has gathered in huge numbers for a massive fight over this system. We have 1700 in our staging system at the moment and are under orders to continually reship and come back if blown up. The CFC is estimated at 2000 with 760 Megathron battleships. We're in ahacs and prophecies.


  1. It was quite a fight. And, as noted in my comment thread, I got the final blow on your kill mail. What were the odds of that?

    1. Fair's fair, I primaried Poe.

      See you in Delve?

    2. Did you now? The odds look even crazier, three bloggers in cross kill mails.

      Delve? Maybe for roams. My gut, as I noted in the other comment, is that we're not coming to take Delve.