Monday, 25 February 2013

Eve: first day back in null sec

I've joined up with some of my old friends from Li3. It's something of an improvement over the old days - it's the same hero pvpers without all the bullshit admin people messing things up.

I spotted a rare beast indeed:

The Mittani in a Vulture - oddly apt!

After a while we organised a fleet to counter them. We took foxcats (navy apocs) against their eagles which seems a little like overkill to me so props to the Goons for staying around for the good fight.

I didn't get on the killmail as I was flying a logi. I did manage to loot slightly under 100 million worth of various modules and ammo from all the wrecks.

I must admit I don't get the Eagle doctrine. The ship is bonused twice over for optimal range, suggesting it's really a sniper. But they brawl with them. I suspect it's not meant to be a serious doctrine at all, just an excuse to sing 'murica 'murica drunkenly over comms and post pictures of eagles with the stars and stripes as background. Props again if so.

So Eve Online. A game where you meet interesting people and kill them.

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