Friday, 5 October 2012

Evemeet, Veto corp, London 29th September

I went to the second Eve meeting I've been too and I enjoyed myself. It's rather nice to be in a pub full of Eve players, you can just start chatting to anyone.

I also met someone from my new corp and it was very nice chatting to him and plotting dark schemes in murky corners. Props to Marcko.

The Eve announcements were a little underwhelming. The problem with both London pubmeets I've gone to is that people start drinking early (they started at 11am on Saturday) so that by the time the people from CCP are trying to give what is effectively a short lecture, they need to project over loud drunk people. I really hope the penny drops that they need to do the announcements at the start then kick back and have a few beers rather than letting people get drunk first.

As for the meat of the announcements it was somewhat underwhelming to a null sec player. The ship rebalancing has already been explained on the Features & Ideas forum where the players are interacting with the devs to iron out the ship balance. Nothing was said that was news to anyone reading the forums.

What was news was the Crimewatch changes but a pub is a bad format to explain things about timers and flagging because it's so abstract. It wasn't clear for example that the Winter will see the end of can flipping (in its present form), of neutral remote repping and of ejecting from Tengus when you lose a fight. All sound fixes to borderline exploits.

Also good to hear of a much clearer flagging mechanic: yellow flag = you can shoot it, red flag = you can shoot it, Concord will shoot it. I've always vaguely wondered about the occasional red pod that goes past me in High Sec but I've never really wanted to risk losing a ship checking if they're shootable. Now it's a lot clearer.

I also met Seismic Stan of the Freebooted blog and had a good long chat with him. Hopefully he'll stop by and stay with us for a while in nullsec in his quest to try everything in Eve.

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