Sunday 25 September 2011

Diablo 2: Ladder reset tomorrow?

EDIT: Apologies all, I didn't do my homework.

Blizzard posters have confirmed that nothing is imminent although they haven't forgotten about D2 players.

We're holding off on a reset to figure out some things. We'll let you know as soon as we do.  

Just wanted to let everyone know we haven't forgotten about you, we're still working some things out to determine when a reset may occur, and we'll let you know as soon as we do. 

If anyone else is passing the time until D3 with the older versions of the game then it may interest you to try the D2 Ladder if it resets tomorrow.

Ladder resets are due every 6 months, however there's been no official announcement. So it's a bit unclear whether we get one or not. Let's hope so.

It's been ages since I played the Ladder seriously but I remember it being fairly easy to place so you get to see your name. And it's quite fun to level up under a sense of time pressure. You see yourself as, say, 41st, play for an hour or two log off and bam, you're 38th when you log off.

I'm going to try the Hardcore ladder because that gives the additional spice of seeing your place rise because someone above you has exited the race (mwa ha ha). I'll play a Barb for the fun of it, a Druid if he takes an early bath.

While there's always a fair amount of cheating and duping in D2 this is a time when it's at its absolute minimum - people can't dupe until they've found something to copy in the first place.


  1. Where's the point in playing ladder for competition only to get beaten by hoards of bots?

  2. Here we go with another misuse of "soon".

  3. They should trademark that word :)

  4. I just returned to D2 after years of playing other games including DAoC and WoW. I am dismayed at the number of cheats, hacks, and bots. I DO like the upped rune drops but it appears to me that they also made the boss encounters easier and took away some of the real danger in this game.

    I have been looking for areas to do legit trading and people to partner with but most of the websites I know are now ghost towns. Where do you go to find legit players and trading? Does it exist atm?

  5. I play with my guild which has a stance against trade in items that are likely to be dupes (Enigmas etc).

    US East HC as our EU section has amalgamated there.