Monday, 7 March 2011

Rift: announcing a new guild

I've been so hooked on Rift over the last week that, somewhat to my surprise, I realised I really wanted to make a guild.

The guild is called Serenity and we're on Bloodiron EU PvP server. Everyone is welcome to join, just ask Stabsy, Holystabs, Waz or Nurk in game. We're up to about 30 members now after a couple of days. Our highest member is 32.

One thing that makes being in a guild really great fun is guild quests. These are communal quests, shared among everyone in the guild.

Our first one was to win 25 matches in the Black Garden warfront. It took us a couple of days but finally Slaisa got the last win (and got promoted for her trouble). Promotion from the starting rank (Yakuza) to the senior member rank (Samurai) allows people to hand in guild quests on the guild's behalf, a fun perk for people who are completing them anyway for us.

Then we got one to close 50 rifts and kill 500 rift mobs. We did the whole thing in just under a day which was tremendous. It's very fun to see quests advance because someone out there is working to help the guild.

We're now on what I think is the last one for this week: to kill 25 bosses in the 4 lowest level instances. The quest text actually doesn't say all the eligible instances. We've been doing them in Realm of the Fae which isn't in fact mentioned.

The quests award a token amount of cash and guild exp. Guild exp levels your guild (we'll ding when we finish these rifts) and levels mean you can purchase more guild perks.

We currently have four guild perk points spent in three different perks:

- a passive 3% buff to cash dropped from mobs
- a passive 3% buff to rewards from rifts and invasions (I'd be fascinated to know how that affects the chance to get epic or blue stones)
- an activated buff that lasts one hour and gives +20 resist all. It costs 1 planar charge to cast but at this stage of the game there's not much else to spend your charge on.

Do come join us if you like - Serenity on EU Bloodiron, Guardian side. We're the minority on a pvp server so it's not for the faint of heart.

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