Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rift: An advertisement on behalf of the Guardian faction on pvp servers


Thinking about making a new character? Just started and not sure of if you've made the right choice.

In a game where most people choose Defiant I'd like to invite you to join the Guardian faction instead.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm going to appeal to your altruism, "join the underdogs and make things balanced because it's good for the community."

Sod that.

Join the Guardians because it's good for YOU.


Joining the Guardians gives you instant warfront queues. We may sometimes have to queue to get into the game but by our gods we don't have to queue to go kick butt.

Instant warfront queues have several subtle effects that improve life as someone doing these fights.

- not only do you get more fun for your time.

- you finish a match and queue and guess what? so does everyone else on your team. And they get right back in with you. Playing with the same group of people all afternoon means you learn the names and the roles. We know the guys who lead the charge into the enemy mob, we know our healers, we know our stone-carriers. This leads to more wins, your pug morphs into a premade organically without anyone doing anything special, just simply because the same people turn up match after match.

- higher turnover of matches means we, as a collective, get more pvp gear than Defiants. If win loss is 50-50 and we get 10 matches per hour while they get 5 per hour we get more gear and more rep. Everyone on our faction who plays warfronts gears up faster than everyone on the other side. Pretty soon it's no longer 50-50 win-loss because we outgear them.

It's good to be on top.

World pvp

World pvp is awesome as the underdog. We have a target-rich environment and a culture of cooperation in the face of adversity. Where the other side gets complacent fat and lazy we carve through our objectives like a katana. Sure, we get chased off when they gradually get their whole zerg together and then what happens? We melt away like mist.

We get to chose when where and who. We get to crush their wardstones and hear the wails and lamentations of their lowbies. They get to drag their high levels across 3 zones just in time to eat our dust.

We paid Defiant leveling area the Stonefield a visit on Sunday. This picture was taken just after we'd killed a raid that was attempting a zone invasion boss. No purplez for you!


The tough nature of life as a Guardian produces a more cooperative skillful player than the facerollers over there. In raids you have a limited number of spots. Do you want your 19 closest colleagues to be people who picked their faction for a challenge or people who rolled flavour of the month so they would have lots of people to hide behind?


Let's consider what it takes to be a Defiant? Moody? Check. Rebellious? Check. Sheep mentality? Check.

They're frikkin TEENAGERS!

Do you really really want to join the faction full of teenagers (or grown-ups who act like teenagers)?

Of course no one listens to anyone in raids and nerd rages all the time. Hormones, darling.

Ah Mum! Getting the Fang is BORING!

Even if you're a teenager, why oh why would you want to play your game with a bunch of other teenagers?

Give the Guardians a spin. You'll never look back.


  1. Shhhh, don't go telling people this. This is what I did, leaving behind my Defiant characters to join the Guardians. Enjoying the insta-Warfronts and less asshats. The difference in Warfront insults is huge, and we win more.

  2. Oddly, I see more cooperation and intelligent convo on the defiant side of my shard. The quests on the guardian side feel more generic as well. On my defiant, I am enjoying the quests more. I am also not as much a pvp-er, so these things may be more important to me.

    In any case, as a female in my mid 30's, I chose my shard based on the fact that there were posts from guilds (both factions) with members in my age group on the shard forum.

  3. Great post! It really is somewhat humorous how any Side A vs Side B game turns out this way. Neither side ever feels like a good representation of humanity. It always seems lopsided.

  4. Truth be told I was trolling a little, although I maintain there is at least a grain of truth to this.

    Unfortunately someone was inspired by this post to join my guild and try warfronts - and got steamrollered every match.

    Talk about being found out!

    Welcome Mollie btw, glad to have you and we'll win you some games, promise.