Tuesday, 2 November 2010

EQ2E: 50% off or more off Station Cash

This coming week will be a very good time for the shrewd to try Everquest 2 Extended. Whether you're idly curious and don't mind spending a little to satisfy that curiosity, whether you're already trying it and have been thinking of spending but haven't yet or whether, like me, you've spent a little and are really enjoying it the upcoming deal is by far the best time to splash your cash and probably won't get repeated for a while.

There's 50% off Station Cash (the currency needed to buy just about anything) and daily deals. These effectively double dip so you can buy currency cheap but then also buy shop stuff cheap for a greater than 50% saving over standard.

Details are here.

My suggestion for casual players is spend $12.50 for $25 dollars worth of Station Cash. Plan on buying
- upgrade to Silver status (1000)
- race of choice (750 or free if you want to play Human, Barbarian, Erudite or Half-Elf). I reviewed the free races here.
- class of choice (750 or there are 8 free ones - I'll try to get a review of the free classes up later this week).

Now don't unlock anything immediately, play a freebie to start out. Just buy some cash then check the deals each day to see if what you want is discounted. If you got enough currency left over buying a guild for your alts is a good workaround for the storage limitations. (More fun though to keep your main in with other people). Buying an extra character slot is also a good long term choice, taking your 3 slot silver account up to 4.

Additionally you can add 250 Station Cash to your account by logging into Free Realms once. (It downloaded in about 5 mins for me).

So all told for $12.50 (£7.79) you'll get at least $27.50 into the paywall, more if they discount things you want to buy. That means you turn a game which is really good but almost cripplingly limiting in its basic version to a game which is really rather splendid and can sit on your hard disk for years as a very playable option.

The deal runs from 3rd-9th November. That encompasses both my birthday and Guy Fawkes Night so in the spirit of freedom:

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