Sunday 11 July 2010

Eve: Suicide ganker boat

Catalyst Destroyer. It beats the Caldari Destroyer because it has more low slots allowing for more damage boosting modules.

This is the cost:

Catalyst 656,004.83 isk
8 High slots: 8 Limited Light Neutron Blaster I @ 10,001.18 isk each = 80,009.52
56 Caldari Navy small Antimatter @ 505.58 isk each = 28,312.48
3 Insulated Stabilizer Array I @ 10,004.02 isk each = 30,012.06
Hobgoblin I drone @ 2,708.06 isk

Insurance Premium: 155,561.4 (Platinum)

Insurance Payout: 518,538

Total loss after suicide = 434,070.35 isk

Prices are based on top buy order at Jita.

According to Eve Fitting Tool with perfect skills the ship puts out 276.6 dps with a 721 alpha. That's before over-heating and not counting the drone. Also if I had perfect skills I could fit a warp scrambler on just to make absolutely sure of the kill. It should be enough to take out an untanked hauler in most areas of high sec.

You also lose Security Status when you attack someone.

The basic plan is to two-box. One alt has a cargo scanner and a ship scanner, tractor beams and salvagers. When I find a suitable candidate the Catalyst goes in and the alt scoops up everything that drops and salvages both ships.

The reason I'm doing this is because a friend is coming to try Eve again having been rather bored in the past. Hopefully he'll like suicide ganking. Maybe we'll get a plex :-)


  1. Apparently the Minmatar destroyer, the Thrasher, is even better for ganking, because of artilleries and their long range and high alpha.

    On max skills, with meta 0 items and faction ammo it still does 143 dps with 1262 alpha, even though it only has 2 low slots and no rigs at all. EFT says the cost is about 136k isk, unfortunately I'm nowhere near Jita to check it. ;)

    And being a suicide ship it probably won't live too long anyway, so the more alpha the better.

  2. i looked at the Thrasher. You lose a low slot (ie a weapon damage module) and you lose a gun (only 7 turret hardpoints).

    You apparently get around 15 seconds in 0.5, less in higher sec systems, although some estimate a little more time.

    It's close enough that either the Catalyst or the Thrasher are sound choices.