Saturday, 8 August 2009

Eve Online: flying a Drake, heading for a Raven

I started out intending to become a miner in Eve but got a bit bored and frustrated. So my current focus is on running missions.

I'm doing level 3 missions in a passive shield tanked Drake. It feels very comfortable, even over-powered.

First, about ship modules

I've discovered that modules basically come in 4 flavours:

Dooberry I is your standard Doobery. Player made or drop.

'Panic' Overcharge Dooberry is a named loot drop that is a slightly better version of the standard one. Drop.

Dooberry II is a tech 2 dooberry which will give better performance but need higher skills to fit. Usually player made, occasional drop.

Angel Pirates Dooberry is a special faction dooberry that you get for currying favour with a particular gang of pirates or a corporation.

Now the second type of item is often significantly better than the standard one and is often easier to fit. They can also be cheap since most players don't recognise the value. That's partly because of the way veteran players talk about fits.

To a veteran player a fit is either cheap (ie uses Dooberry Is) or expensive (uses Tech 2/faction modules). Even though they know that named modules are better it's too much hassle to research what exact type of Small Shield Extender I is best and repeat that for every module. They just say Small Shield Extender I as shorthand for Small Shield Extender I or named equivalent and assume it's obvious that you get a named version if possible.

It isn't obvious.

From day trading on the market I can see that a lot of the vanilla items are higher in price than some of their named equivalents. It's obvious to veteran players but new players just get told to get version I and don't think to check the module stats.

That's a long preamble to explain why I've fitted out my ships with named modules.

The Drake

Name: Bait Ship (might give a ganker pause, you never know)

Theory: focusses on regen rather than resists. This makes it an omni-tank which is useful. The idea is to get regen so high that the ship just copes. It helps that the various regen modules are better the more other regen modules you have whereas resist modules reduce a constant proportion of incoming damage.

High slots:
7 * 'Malkuth' Heavy Missile Launcher I
Small Rudimentary Concussion Bomb I (low damage and hits my own drones so I really only stuck this on there to get used to smart bombs)

Mid Slots
3 Shield Recharger Is (tsk tsk, forgot these were not named ones, should go get better versions)
Viscoelastic EM Salubrity Ward I (placeholder until I train for Invulnerability Shield)
2 Large F-59 Regolith Shield Induction

Low slots
3 Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay
Shield Power Relay I (20% to the named one's 24% bonus, tsk tsk again)


For Core Defence Field Purger I rigs
Jury Rigging 3
Shield Rigging 1

For V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix
Tactical Shield Manipulation 1 (for Invulnerability field)

The Raven

Estimated launch date: about a month to 6 weeks. It could be sooner but I'm focussing on learning skills at the moment.

Theory: I'm trying to really flood this ship with capacitor so I can maintain the active shield tank. The 2 Nosferatus also help this theme.

Raven 85 000 000 isk

6 'Arbalest' Missile Launcher Is 10 800 000
2 Heavy Diminishing Power Drain System Is 960 000

X-Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I 115 000
'Stalwart' I Particle Field Magnifier (or better) 7 860 000
Eutectic I Capacitor Charge Array 1 015 000
V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix 450 000
2 specific active boosters
from 'Anointed' I EM Ward Reinforcement 17 200
Non-Inertial Ballistic Screen Augmentation I 3 000
Ditrigonal Thermal Barrier Crstallization I 14 000
F-515 Braced Deflection Shield Matrix 12 000

Beta Reactor Control : Capacitor Flux * 3 60 000
Muon Coil Bolt Array I (or better) * 2 8 000 000

Capacitor Control Circuit I * 3 45 300 000

5 Hammerhead Is 110 000

TOTAL 159 716 200 isk

Skills to train:

Shield Compensation
Shield Operation
Shield Management
Energy Management
Energy Systems Operation
Energy Grid Upgrades 4
Engineering 4
Energy Emissions Systems 3
Salvager 3
Standard Missiles 3
Heavy Missiles 3
Missile Launcher operation 5
Cruise missiles 1

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