Tuesday 29 December 2020

My new blog: writings on everything.

 Hi, I've realised that I like blogging but that nowadays I'm no longer so absorbed by MMOs nor do I have much interesting to say.

I've also realised that blogging narrowly on a topic can be a straightjacket.

It's not the first time I've realised this. My first blog was called Death Knight Spree at a time when I couldn't imagine doing anything else in life that playing a Death Knight in WoW.

So Writings on Everything. Probably including poems, short stories, vegan lifestyle, the politics of Scotland, the politics of disability and, naturally, video game articles.

I hope you'll consider adding it to your feeds, blogrolls or however else you receive updates. If not I hope you've enjoyed reading Stabbed Up and I hope that you appreciate how much I've loved being part of our remarkable MMO blogging community over the last 10 years.



  1. New blog added to my blog roll but I've also left this one on there too in case you end up using both!

  2. Same here... well, not "added" yet but soon. Good to see you uploading recycled electrons again. You have been missed.

    My blog too has changed, well, my blogging has. "The blog remains the same, only the game has changed."

    Still one game, no longer EVE, still SciFi MMO(RG)G centric, still a little niche blog... I'm no poet, I won't go NEAR the toxic cesspool that is politics and/or religion these days, I'm far more carnivore than herbivore and all the above is just hate and troll bait IMHO so...

    I will just stick to what I started my blog as, a way for me to write in the SciFi genre and occasional commentary on the game I play.

    Good to see you back man. =]

  3. Added to my blogroll. Good luck with it!