Sunday 28 February 2016

Shout-out to Talvorian Dax, hero archivist

With the unfortunate shutdown of Eve's official wiki, the Evelopedia, one blogger has taken it upon himself to preserve some of the site's most useful content, the guides to running cosmic signature PvE sites. (The database closure made headline news on TMC and EN24).

Running these sites is actually pretty fun and if you're interested in doing Eve pve you should try it as it's both interesting and lucrative.

A cosmic signature PvE site

They have a lot of rats inside

It's a huge help to have the walkthroughs so do check Talvorian Dax's new cosmic signature ratting guide section. It's a work in progress, he's been adding pages all day. You might want to tip him some isk for the help. Or just let him know that the hard work's appreciated.

Even without this very useful project Talvorian has emerged as one of Eve's outstanding bloggers and his site should definitely be on your readers/blogrolls/whatever.

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  1. I appreciate the shout-out, Stabs. I'd like to add that anyone can submit comments to the articles and I'd appreciate and content folks can send my way to fill out the content. This info is very much a community asset, and I hope for it to remain so.