Wednesday, 2 December 2015

It seems I like Waffles

2 years after the Waffles super-catchy theme song first started bouncing round my head I have joined the Sniggwaffe alliance, known informally as Waffles. This is a feeder corp for highly regarded pvp corp Sniggerdly, a corp in Pandemic Legion.

So apart from their taste in jingles, what am I going for here?

Well I want to become a better pvper. Part of that is being in a culture where people are critical  of mistakes and offer constructive criticism from a position of expertise.

Next I like tournament gameplay very much and PL have one of the best teams. Super hard of course to actually break into the team but if you don't set your sights high you won't achieve very much.

I like the range of pvp right from cheap newbie frigate roams to titan battles. (I haven't figured out the logistics of financing a titan yet so that's another mountain to climb).

I want to become a better FC. I had an awesome moment in the old HBC when Sort Dragon got stalled in a battle and suddenly a cyno went up and to our opponent's horror green luminescent doomsday beams lit up the battlefield. Sort has many flaws but he's a supremely confident and capable FC. I've never even flown a capital ship in anger so I'm a long way off calling in a strike from the mightiest supercapitals but having seen other people do it I know it's something I would like to experience.

I want to get involved in tournament meta, helping to expand and promote tournament play to a wider group of participants than the highly selective Alliance Tournament, Eve_NT and similar events.

I want to get more involved in and develop my understanding of pvp theorycraft.

I want to travel to lots of interesting parts of the universe, meet the locals  and shoot them.

I quite like the idea of shooting my old coalition mates, and before that bitter enemies, in The Imperium. Sorry Wilhelm! Grrr Goons and all that. (Although as Gevlon astutely points out, PL leadership is comprised of canny politicians who tend never to burn bridges).

So despite having played for six years already, I feel that I'm at the bottom of a huge learning cliff, quite possibly one I will never succeed in climbing. In fact even getting through Waffles would be a massive achievement, it's only around 30% who make it through.

And in a game where many players have become bitter or bored, that's absolutely the best place to be.


  1. I understand your desire to go for tournament play and PL seems a good place to do it.

    What you didn't realize is that the next big war won't be between Goons and Grr Goons, but between the Monetizers and the Players. You managed to join the Monetizers. Your call.

    I wouldn't by a titan though. You seem to have a critical mind and tendency to speak. Anything less than complete obedience + titan = Rayonar

    1. I appreciate the warning but I honestly don't think things are that black and white. Grath Telkin, Elise Randolph supported the kickstarter but so did Jon Lander and Clive Cussler and I hardly think they're in The Mittani's pocket.

      Perhaps a more pertinent question is: do PL drive stagnation?

      I don't think so, they don't tear down the guys at the top (although they had a good go at headshotting VFKin 2010), they pursue their own motives.

      As for the titan if I do get one, I'll treat it as any other undocked ship. I'll do my best not to lose it cheaply but ultimately its destiny is to die somewhere.

    2. I never said they are in The Mittani's pocket. I said they are monetizers so they have similar interests. Like Coca Cola and Pepsi are both interested in fighting a bill that would introduce healthy food in schools.

  2. Good luck! I am still pondering where to go now I'm back. ISK requirements in Waffles might be a bit much atm.

  3. Pandemic Horde seems basically the same except for the restrictions and the potential opportunity to join PL. No one will mind you ratting or whatever.

    I have a bunch of PI alts which bring in about 4-5 bill a month which should keep me in ships for Waffles.