Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Eve: My farewell to Brave

Hey Brave.

I'm going to move on with my Eve career. This isn't some drama about someone being mean to me, I've loved my time in Brave.

In fact the story is that I've stayed so long.

In January some friends suggested I join them in Brave as my attempt to start up a corp in The Bastion failed, I just couldn't recruit people.

I joined but they promptly burned out.

Well no worries, my friend Smog890 is still here, I'll just hang in his corp. Smog promptly goes and gets a second job and, facing a 70 hour working week decides to cut Eve.

Well no worries, some old friends from Test have made a corp here - I should be fine in J3B.

And not only was I fine but I found myself Captain of our AT team.

But the exit from Fountain happened and J3B decided to move on so I had to find a new home.

Well no worries, after a brief crash landing in BNI, I joined Kite Co, a corp where many of my Tourney friends were based.

And then they left last month.

I love Brave, I've had a wonderful time here, thank you so much for taking me in and trusting me to take charge of some awesome things like fleets and AT etc. I've had a blast flying with you.

My long term plans are towards elite pvp, particularly an alliance with a more experienced AT team. Maybe explore some of this empire-building stuff, I like the idea of my own personal space fortress.

Something Lychton said once: people leave Brave but some part of them is always brave. I hope that will be true of me and in any event I'll always be happy to chat.

There's one unfinished piece of business, CCP still haven't issued the ship skin prizes we won in the AT. Nancy, just contact me on Skype or in-game when those show up please.

7o guys


  1. I have an uncle, retired Air Force jet jockey back in Korea and 'Nam... After her retired from the Force, as most do, he was an Airline pilot... only... there is some resemblance tween you n him.

    He like smaller airlines, never really wanted to fly for United or AA. He flew in Alaska and Texas and Nevada and Florida... But, every airline he ever worked for failed and closed while he was there or shortly after...

    burned out...
    second job...
    moved on...
    crash landing...
    left last month...

    LOL =P

    1. Yeah. I joked I should wear a bell around my neck, so people would know I have some horrible curse when I come along.

      Anyway shush, I'll be trying to join someone soon, hopefully they're not superstitious.

  2. OMG... a was discussing my comment above with a corpmate...

    He said "Hell man, ask him to join Goons!!" Take of that Big Blue Doughnut business in short order!"

    1. I joined Gents last year. They promptly collapsed. The Bastion which is what they reformed into managed to survive me.