Monday, 16 March 2015

The Fountain Deployment

Rumours are flying that BRAVE may deploy to Fountain for the latest Sov War. NC. is going for its arch-enemy the Goon-led CFC, but this time there's a kicker - they've brought the highly effective Black Legion on board. Pandemic Legion are a ringer, they may turn up for a fight or two or they may move into the conflict in full force.

BRAVE are a little battered after weeks of being farmed by PL. We definitely don't want to lose Catch but it's in some ways hard to muster morale for defending a region that can be taken off us any time our opponent wants. In fact Catch may be more secure if we drag PL off to Fountain (they'll follow Brave around like lions trailing antelope migrations). The only reason stuff in Catch is in danger is because PL is poking it to get fights from us.

So first let's look at Catch if the majority of the active people in the alliance leave. Catch will still have a lot of BRAVE players in it until we lose the sov so it will remain heavily farmed although not to quite the extent as it is now. It will be much more rattable and BRAVE may see a lot of pilots stay home to make hay while PL are away.

Fountain however is a land of opportunity. There are level 1 missions in the NPC stations which may be where we would base. There are lots of data and relic sites for our enterprising scanners. It's also very possible to run anomalies in nearby sov space because the CFC operates on a "don't engage unless you're sure" policy when running a defensive war. Chances are if there are 20 people in a system and a Brave guy in a VNI goes in and starts running Forsaken Hubs they'll all dock up and wait him out.

The big opportunity is the war. I hope that we can remain uncommitted, agreeing to help either side doesn't really help us. As far as I can see there are 2 likely offers: CFC can say help us and you'll get Delve (an offer we've already declined) or NC. can threaten help us or we'll take Catch which would put us on our knees forever if we accepted.

It's a good opportunity to develop small highly effective doctrines: sniper harpies and corms, bombers, ewar wings. No need to ask people or alliances to commit major resources like T3s and ahacs unless it's something we want. One of our biggest threats is simply the number of people we can dogpile into a system, creating lag and tidi.

At this stage it's all just speculation but I hope BRAVE does deploy into the war that's just started.


  1. BRAVE as an honourable 3rd party. Yes.

    1. Having experienced TEST during the 2013 Fountain War I learned that you can't both pin yourself to one team and negotiate as the minor player. We committed to PL/N3 and then were their sometimes punchbag, sometimes meat-shield. It devastated us.

      Even my slightly cheeky comment to Gevlon below - there's no actual point him funding us if we are definitely going to be on NC.s side anyway.

      You only have bargaining power when you're not already sold.

  2. The Evil Goons created Karmafleet for the only reason to suck your blood out!
    This is your time for revenge for that horrible act!

    1. It certainly is!

      Are you interested in subsidising BRAVE to go after them?