Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blackbird, blackbird

But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.

- Wallace Stevens

The blackbird ecm cruiser is one of the delights of Eve gameplay. In the CFC coalition we use it to play a minor role in our ecm fleets. These mostly rely on Celestises and do jamming. Personally I love the knowledge that by jamming someone I've ruined their night.

In full tidi, which applied for the op where I took there pictures, a jam cycle lasts 200 seconds after which it takes about 50 seconds for a tengu to lock up a target. 4 minutes of another player's life, cruelly annihilated every time my modules work.

Our blob will block out the sun!

The brightness of the right 2 jams shows they are active, jamming out two hostile FCs

With our info links up my range was 246km. Hard to jam Slippery Petes though

Woot, all those tengu wrecks!

In the end I collected 81 million isk worth of salvage and loot.


  1. Lasers on that blackbird?
    That said blackbirds and cloaky ships are special to me. My first corp was promoted as a mercenary corp where they had the goal of renting out a fleet of (100) noobs in ecm blackbirds as support.

    1. The advantage of lasers is never having to swap ammo. As I usually come home with dozens of items in cargo it would be easy to lose track of hybrid ammo or whatever.

      Blackbirds are indeed special. One of the game's great levelers.