Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Biggest titan battle in Eve history - the consequences

This week the Eve universe saw the biggest commitment of resources in a battle ever, the first genuine titan brawl.

With it perhaps the writing is on the wall for the "good fights" pvp-oriented sovereign nullsec alliance.

I don't mean something as facile as CFC will now win nullsec and complete the blue doughnut. I don't think they will. I do think that they've probably become unassailable and we won't see a credible assault on VFK until the CFC rots from within.

What I mean is this.

Some sov alliances win by any means. They use spies, diplomats, force, whatever it takes. They behave much like modern nations.

Some sov alliances like to win by defying the odds. Hurling contempt at people who would be friends, seeking out situations where, Spartan-like, they can defy the odds against a larger force.

PL, BL and N3 are very much the latter type, although PL in particular has elements of the first type. The main distinguishing feature is diplomacy.

To have an effective diplomacy programme you need to be able to do two things:
- not hold grudges
- persuasive communication.

Now Vince Drakken, the leader of NC. is something of a pit bull in terms of his game personality. He'll love to find a reason to fall out with another Eve leader because it creates narrative for a war. He doesn't really care what enemies think of him.

The Mittani on the other hand is visibly sweet-talking PL and doing deals with them while in the middle of a war against them. However the Halloween War ends, CFC and PL have pretty much negotiated the peace treaty already.

With the defeat of PL and N3 at BR- it may be that the modern national approach to coalitions will start to utterly replace the rather feudal outlook of alliances like Bob and NC. Sov Eve won't become a doughnut but rather a patchwork of localised proxy wars fought by people who are careful to agree a mutually assured success with their rivals.


  1. Sounds like the structured war games that was proposed for Cloud Ring (I think it was cloud ring) about 2 years ago.

    1. Shadoo proposed it around Feb last year as an alternative to going in with Montolio against the CFC.

      Also today there's breaking news that PL have completed their transition from a warlord-type alliance to a diplomatic alliance: