Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Eve: nifty anom fix in Ret 1.9

Nice little undocumented fix in yesterday's patch. It used to be that if you ran an anomaly then warped your Noctis in you would hold the anom open. So if your system spawns 2 Forsaken Hubs and your Noctis is parked in one for half an hour afk drone-salvaging then there would be only one to rat in.

Now it despawns anyway so warp the Noctis in when the last rat dies.


  1. Is this confirmed as being introduced just yesterday, or is it a bug fix to revert to desired behaviour?

    I'm pretty sure this behaviour was introduced some time back, where anomalies would despawn after rats died, regardless of a ship's presence, as a fix to prevent afk-cloakers from preventing new anomalies from spawning. I know it worked that way in w-space, anyway, although the fix was more meant for null-sec.

    1. First time I've noticed it. It was definitely holding sites open around Nov last year if you warped a Noctis in.

    2. Do you know, thinking about it, there's been two fixes. First fix - cloaked ships don't hold the site open but uncloaked ones do. Second fix (possibly yesterday) uncloaked ships don't hold the site open, the site is gone when the last rat dies.

  2. I noticed sites despawn when the last rat is killed several weeks ago when I saw a new Forsaken Hub show up on Dscan even though I was still salvaging the old site in a Vargur.