Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dominus closes down

I was very excited about Prime: Battle for Dominus, or Dominus as it was later known. Via Keen and Graev we've news it's closed down.

Dominus drew from Star Wars Galaxies much missed resource and crafting system and Dark Age of Camelot's superb realm v realm pvp system. It updated those games with a new setting and promised to be a truly excellent game. I had a little look at the beta a few months ago but it was pretty empty then.

I guess any MMO project is relentlessly hard work - to compete with the likes of SWTOR and WoW you need to get so many things right. While part of me likes to think I'd support any game that reflects how I feel games should be made rather than the rather bland gratification trolley MMOs have become I have to be honest and admit bugs, crashes, empty half-done content, probably isn't acceptable any more. I have so many games that I'm really enjoying, so many new titles I'd love to try when they come out and several games that I always wanted to try but never got around to. So I have to admit if they had shoved it out the door half-done I wouldn't have been loyal to it.

I wish the staff at Pitch Black all the best. The vision, the community interfacing, the game ideas, the lore were all absolutely first rate.

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