Friday 27 April 2012

Eve: it's kicked off at Jita!

Thought I'd check quickly to see whether any action has happened at Jita before turning in tonight.

In the last few minutes the Moar Tears killboard on Dotlan has begun filling up with casualties as Noir and Moar Tears fight Goonswarm Federation. According to random Local spam Goons are losing so far. Of course it's just the first wave, it's not even Friday yet in most of America.

They will claw their way to our freighters over our dead bodies (might be the motto of the brave defenders of high sec). 1981 in Local, Time Dilation Factor 39%.

I have 16 Tornados gank-fitted and ready to sell on contract at extortionate prices once the market runs out and a low sp disposable alt ready to salvage and steal loot.

But now for bed, should be some wrecks around in the morning.

I'll also be going to the pubmeet in London tomorrow night where 3 of CCP's finest will be getting drunk and spilling secrets (hopefully).


  1. LOL , nope, no wrecks man... they dunt last as long as the GSF Thrashers do.

    I have a speed tanked dual Sebo ninja salvage Vigil... does well over 3K m/s runnin 3 Salvager IIs... and I rarely get to a wreck afore it is cleaned and poped... of, course... I am hagin out well past arty range... =]


  2. Yeah, just before I went to bed I saw a comment "30 of you salvagers on one noobship wreck? For shame!"

    Still even if I don't salvage or steal anything worthwhile it's fun to participate.

    I love this game too.

  3. The desperate ninjas, myself included, were grabbing anything they could. Eventually, I grabbed a wreck too close to a discophoon, and became a KM.

    Totally worth it.

  4. Ha ha, we are the content in this game!