Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mittani - resolution

He's received a 30 day ban from Eve which makes him ineligible for the next CSM, the one he won with a landslide 10,000 votes. He's resigned as Chair of the current CSM. He also apologised both publicly and privately to the player concerned and sent him the contents of his wallet (10 billion isk).

I think that's pretty fair. Everyone does dumb things and in this case fortunately there were no repercussions. In fact the miner is probably a little bewildered by all the sudden attention.

The only stronger action that could have been taken was a lifetime ban or calling the police. I don't think a lifetime ban is appropriate because I think CCP is partly to blame. It's a really bad idea to mix public streamed broadcasting with a culture of getting paralytically drunk. As for the police that should be a matter for the victim, if he doesn't wish to press charges the matter should end there.

I'm sure too that The Mittani has learned a lesson and I hope he continues to enjoy roleplaying a villain without letting it cross over too far into real life consquences.

Eve is a brutal pvp sandbox with no safe zones (other than staying docked up). Highsec isn't a safe zone it's a pvp is punished zone. However it does attract a lot of players who are quite happy doing their own private introverted thing. Possibly the game could do more in the New Player Experience to help people understand the nature of the universe they're entering.

As for the Mittani I'm sure he'll continue to make headlines and I imagine he'll be Chair of CSM 8 if he's still interested (and if his wife lets him).


  1. I'm not so sure he has learned a lesson, going by this post.

    He hasn't really accepted what he did was wrong beyond 'oh yeah I was drunk and shouldn't have used that slide' -- no dude, you shouldn't even have written that slide. And now is blaming the media. He should just man up, think about why this has blown up in the way that it did, and have a hard think about what part he played it that.

    But enh, it's his life.

  2. He also used the phrase 'mega-jews' in that post. Why is it that people still defend this twat exactly?

    1. The word jew is used by Eve goons to refer to traders and industrialists. It's something that makes me deeply uncomfortable.

      What's more it's spread from goons into general eve parlance. People say it and don't even think that it could be offensive.

      I don't think Mittani here was trying to be antisemitic so much as he and everyone he plays with are constantly antisemitic to the extent they don't notice saying it.

      I'll post on the Eve boards about it and ask whether CCP could institute a lower tolerance policy to it. It's completely out of control in Eve.

  3. Anyone who posts a 'sincere apology' and signs it in the name of their space toon is obviously full of shit. Either Alex is truly sorry for and ashamed of his behavior or Alex isn't. People should use his real name because what he did happened in real life, not in EVE, and Alex, not 'the mittani', is the one who should be called to account for it.

    1. I think you're being too harsh there, Jonathan. Considering he, his wife and their dog have received threats serious enough that the police gave them protection I'm ok with him de-emphasising his real life ID.